Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

In Bad Kitty Meets the Baby, Bad Kitty's family gets a baby.  Chapter two is called "what  the heck is that thing?" They do the pussycat olympics. The baby wins. Kitty doesn't like it.   Kitty loves baby after she finds out baby was adopted. -The Peanut, age 8

This is the first Bad Kitty book we've read together, but it won't be the last! We loved this book, laughing out loud in several spots. Bad Kitty is upset when her family brings home another creature. At first, she believes this thing to be another dog (heaven forbid!), but decides it must be a cat when it wins every event in the Pussycat Olympics. The ending is adorable: Bad Kitty fawns over baby once she discovers baby was adopted, just like Bad Kitty was. I thought it was the perfect way for Bad Kitty to have a change of heart. 

The pictures in this series are big and bold; reading a Bad Kitty book is almost like reading a longer, black-and-white picture book. With its humor (much of it body-related, to Peanut's delight) and its appealing graphics, this series seems perfect for reluctant readers. We are new fans of a Bad Kitty! - Mama, age withheld

You can find Bad Kitty at your local library (check the graphic novel section if you can't find it under author Nick Bruel's name), or here

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pokemon Adventures: Volume One

Pokemon adventures has many Pokemon .  Red's Pokemon adventure starts in this book. Red starts off with a Poliwhirl but ends up with 26 Pokemon. He wins them through battles. Red learns how to be a better Pokemon trainer. - The Peanut, age 8.

Pokemon Adventures, Vol. 1. Story by Hidenori Kusaka, Art by Mato. I have to admit that while I think the idea of Pokemon are genius (Pokemon = "pocket monster," adorable little creatures that you care for and they evolve), I personally have a hard time following these story lines. (I believe, in looking at the copyright page, that they are translated from Japanese.) BUT. The Peanut LOVES these books, and I'm a huge believer in letting kids pick what they want to read in order to build a life-long love of reading. In my day, I tore through comic strip books like Peanuts and Garfield. These aren't strips; they are graphic novels. The art is black and white and very manga-esque. In fact, these books are read in what we think of as "back-to-front," which adds to the reading experience for Peanut. (It seems to feel fresh to her to read this way; I mention that only because she talks this format frequently.) Overall, I'm all for these books if for no other reason than Peanut begs to go to the bookstore/library to get the next volume. That, for me, is Mission Accomplished. - The Mama, age withheld

Find Pokemon Adventures Volume one here or look for them in the graphic novel section of your library. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Babymouse: Our Hero

All the baby mouse books are funny.  She pretends her locker is a monster. She imagines funny things. The pictures make me laugh. This book will make you laugh, too. - The Peanut, age 8

We love Babymouse! These graphic novels are perfect for beginning level chapter book readers. They are hysterical, and the illustrations are a throw-back to those wonderful 2-color print days: all are black, white and pink. When Babymouse's active imagination kicks into overdrive, the background is washed with pink, making her daydreams all the more colorful. In this installment, Babymouse overcomes her (hilarious and understandable!) fear of dodgeball. Check out this Babymouse book and others here: - The Mama, age withheld

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