Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pokemon Adventures: Volume One

Pokemon adventures has many Pokemon .  Red's Pokemon adventure starts in this book. Red starts off with a Poliwhirl but ends up with 26 Pokemon. He wins them through battles. Red learns how to be a better Pokemon trainer. - The Peanut, age 8.

Pokemon Adventures, Vol. 1. Story by Hidenori Kusaka, Art by Mato. I have to admit that while I think the idea of Pokemon are genius (Pokemon = "pocket monster," adorable little creatures that you care for and they evolve), I personally have a hard time following these story lines. (I believe, in looking at the copyright page, that they are translated from Japanese.) BUT. The Peanut LOVES these books, and I'm a huge believer in letting kids pick what they want to read in order to build a life-long love of reading. In my day, I tore through comic strip books like Peanuts and Garfield. These aren't strips; they are graphic novels. The art is black and white and very manga-esque. In fact, these books are read in what we think of as "back-to-front," which adds to the reading experience for Peanut. (It seems to feel fresh to her to read this way; I mention that only because she talks this format frequently.) Overall, I'm all for these books if for no other reason than Peanut begs to go to the bookstore/library to get the next volume. That, for me, is Mission Accomplished. - The Mama, age withheld

Find Pokemon Adventures Volume one here or look for them in the graphic novel section of your library. 

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